Lots of changes are coming to Gamequarium.  Don't worry, it's all good!

The three most important things that you need to know:

  1. It is all still here, plus many more new high, quality resources!  Check out the entire site directory!  We are still moving and adding resources, so much more is coming!
  2. If you can't find what you are looking for, the old home page is still online for a while and can be accessed through a link on the new home page.
  3. URLs (web addresses) will be changing and this means that as soon as possible you need to contact your district technology staff and ask them to add gamequarium.com and gamequarium.org to your district's filter white list.  This will guarantee that the pages you need won't be blocked by the filter when you need them!
So what are the changes?

The biggest change is that the entire site is being moved into a database and a Web 2.0 interface.  I originally built the site a page at a time based on the needs of my students and then based on the needs of the teachers I was training.  If anyone had told me that I would create more than 1500 static webpages, I would have just laughed at them and told them it was impossible.  Is there a lesson here?  I think so!  When your heart is in the right place, never doubt yourself or what is possible!

The move to the database has been needed for a long time.  It is a very time intensive process and I never would have tackled it without the help of my partner, Vince Szewczyk.  We call it RMW (Redundant Mindless Work) and can only do it because we have each other to laugh with when our minds go numb!

There are huge advantages to using a database and a Web 2.0 interface rather than static pages.
  1. We can check for dead and broken links merely by running a report rather than opening each page and clicking each link to test it. 
  2. The system gets better with use.  Teachers and students can rate and comment on (subject to approval) individual learning games.  The games with the highest rating are listed first in each category.
  3. Teachers and students can search for individual learning games or categories of games with the site search engine.
  4. If teachers or students know of a learning game that is not listed, they can add it to the database by simply submitting a form. Once approved, the learning game will be added to the database to be enjoyed by teachers and students all over the world.
Another change is in the design of the site.  I struggled with finding a happy medium.  Designing for kids and designing for adults requires very different approaches.  Hopefully, I have found middle ground with the new design.  We presented the new design to many teachers around the country in our travels this summer and received favorable reviews.

So stay tuned... much more to come. We are always in pursuit of our mission: "Supporting Quality Online Oppportunities for Learning!"  If you haven't checked out some of our new sites, you may be delighted with the resources you find:

A Moodle-based virtual learning environment,  We are providing free virtual classrooms to teachers.

SqoolTube.com A directory of free instructional video. Later this year, we will be launching software to allow the videos to be hosted on our servers.

SqoolLibrary.com A directory of free ebooks for kids.

SqoolPrintables.com A directory of free printable learning activities.

SqoolTechs.com Need customized services for your school or district?  Want to know where were will be presenting? This is where to find all such information.

TeacherClicks.com A directory of free resources and tools for teachers.

HomeSqool.com A Moodle-based virtual learning environment,  We are providing free virtual classrooms to homeschooling families.

Wishing all a wonderful school year!  We would love to meet you at Sqool @ the Beach!

Happy Teaching and Learning!