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Eeyore Shadow Catcher
Eeyore’s lost his shadow! Help him find it among a host of imposters with Eeyore’s Shadow Catcher.  Build pattern recognition skills as you play in the Hundred Acre Woods.
Skating Mickey Mouse
It's time to show off your 'boarding skills! Crank out some cool tricks and send Mickey soaring off the ramp in this fast and challenging skating game!
Atlantis Treasure Chest
Dive into the deep dark sea for this treasure hunting expedition. First, hide your tokens anywhere on the grid. Then, go hunting for your opponent’s bounty -- find their coins before they uncover yours!
Beauty and the Beast's Best Guess
Be our guest - join the lovely Belle and her friends for a mind-bending good time! Simply drag and drop the characters onto the game board -- you have 10 tries to uncover the correct order. Good luck!
Woody's Letter Ranch
Howdy pardner! Help Woody round up the right answers to spell three-letter words, and have a rootin’ tootin’ time at the Toy Story Ranch!
Lilo and Stitch:  Master of Disguise
Lilo’s off to school, and those pesky bounty hunters are after Stitch again. If you can dress Stitch like the highlighted character throughout this game, his disguises will fool the bad guys and he’ll be there to greet Lilo at the end of the day.