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Starry Night
Light up the night sky.  Use the mouse to control the bubble.  Touch the yellow star gently to bounce it around and light up the sky.
Catch the Apples
Use the mouse to move the basket and catch the apples before they hit the ground.
The Three Monkeys
It is raining fruit!  Click on the monkeys to make them catch the fruit or dunk when when what is falling is not fruit.
Get Arthur Ready to go to School
Can you help Arthur get ready for school? He needs to find his toothbrush.  Use your mouse to help him.
Interactive Paper Dolls
Drag and Drop Mouse Practice to Dress the Paper Doll.  Select eyes, hair, nose, shoes, clothes and hat. Great mouse practice for toddlers, preschoolers and elementary kids.
The Sheep Game
It's simple. All the sheep run away from your mouse cursor. So use that to steer them.