Custom Education Search Engines for Grade Levels, Subject Areas, and Instructional Technology Topics
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My goal is to organize the Internet for teachers and students.  In an effort to make strides toward that goal, I have launched Searchquarium.  Searchquarium is a collection of custom education search engines for specific grade levels, subject areas, and instructional technology topics. All of the custom search engines were created using the Google Coop tool from Google Labs. The Co-Op Tool allows for the specification of sites that are included in the search results. By carefully selecting the sites to include and adding refinement tags, these search engines will allow teachers to more easily find high quality Internet-based instructional resources.  In addition, these custom search engines will provide safe places for students to search.  I will continue to add high quality resources and refinement tags over time to improve the search results rendered by these engines.  If you know of high quality resources, please contribute them.

Diana Dell, Ed.S
Technology Integrationist
Gamequarium Webmaster

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